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“Thank you for stopping by! My name is Krystina, and I combine my love of magic and history in my writing. I also graduated culinary school as a pastry chef. So if you like obsessively detailed descriptions of food, this is the place for you. Stay a while and poke around, there’s a lot to discover.” — Krystina Coles

Krystina Coles was born in the fall of 1995 in San Diego, California. Raised to love reading from an early age – especially world mythology – becoming a writer was inevitable. Her life took a slight detour when she pursued a career as a pastry chef, but writing would prove to have been and always be her greatest passion. Growing up in a family of mixed races, she has learned to treasure the cultures and stories of her ancestors and hopes to shine a light on myths from all civilizations in her work. When she is not writing dark fantasy, she can be found sewing costumes or baking for loved ones. She continues to live in her hometown of San Diego with her family and her dog, Chipper, and works with elementary through high school age children.

The Moonshadow Series