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Meet the Author

Krystina Coles was born in the fall of 1995 in San Diego, CA. Raised to love reading from an early age — especially world mythology — becoming a writer was inevitable. Her life took a slight detour when she pursued a career as a pastry chef, but writing would prove to have been and always be her greatest passion.

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The Moonshadow Series

"There is a world beside our own, hidden in the twilight—the inbetween. Born within the boundaries of what is and what could be, buried deep inside hearts that yearn for more than what is merely seen. It lives in our impossible thoughts, fantastical dreams, mortal fears. We think we can contain it, but it is just as wild as the things that is produces: gods, goddesses, giants, fairies, demons. Our imagination—is there anything more powerful?"

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  • Calndar icon  November 11, 2019
  • Book icon  322 pages
  • Globe icon  English


Heather Harrison is dead. Her body lies at the bottom of a lake named after their little town. Undiscovered. Undisturbed. And all of Cedar Crest has moved on. All but Melissa Moonwater. Eleven months after the accident that claimed her best friend’s life, fifteen-year-old Melissa is still searching for answers—clinging to the belief that maybe, just maybe…


  • Calndar icon  December 14, 2020
  • Book icon  584 pages
  • Globe icon  English


With the events of the Blue Moon behind them, Melissa and Connor are forced to confront a new destiny. Connor, once skeptical of the supernatural, struggles to find his purpose in a world where gods and demons exist. And Melissa, thought to be the last of her kind, must accept her role as savior of a race of people taking refuge in a place beyond time…

What They're Saying

The Plot Moves at a Good Pace

" The plot moves along at a good pace, and Melissa, the only viewpoint character, has an authentic, consistent voice. Her decisions upon which threads of the mystery to pull at next are logical, and her relationships with Connor and the stranger ebb and flow naturally. The final outcome of the novel was satisfying. Action sequences were written with detail, and the author is especially gifted in writing beautifully compelling imagery. "
Roughspun (Moonshadow)

The Sequel Rocks!

" This sequel rocks! It expands the lore of the world in several fantastic new directions and introduces a plethora of new characters, including a new point of view character. The author actually utilizes two first person point of view characters to tell this story, and does so incredibly well, each with very different and distinct personalities."
Michael Mahnke (Sunblood)

I Really Loved This Book

" I really loved this book. I had read the first book in the series, Moonshadow so I was curious where the story line with Melissa was going to go . The thing that surprised me the most though was this book made me fall in love with a whole different cast of characters!! Don't worry though, it still catches you up with what's happening with Melissa and Connor too so really it is a win-win. "
Heather (Sunblood)

The BabyGirl Campaign

The BabyGirl Campaign is a series of short poems written to reassure young women of African descent of their beauty. You can find them on Instagram by following @KrystinaColes and @_BabyGirlPoetry.

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